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Quality Policy

ISO Certificate


As Özgün Makina with the experience of years,
• To assure our customers needs and expectations with our widing products and service quality, including legal conditions and expectations,
• To reach all targets with guaranteeing the satisfaction of our employees, as being reliable, fair, open and honest to our partners with respecting protection of the environment and work health and being a preffered company in local and global market,
• Improvement of the technical staff and machine park at all times with considering the competition, conditions and technological developments,
• In order to make progress, we can reach the results of functioning of all our employees more effectively and safely, increase their competencies by improving their knowledge and skills, reduce the natural resources by using technology and provide the working environment as required by the day,
• To rain our employees and to ensure the quality, occupational health safety and environmental management system by minimizing the damage to the environment by using the necessary resources, to minimize the risks related to occupational safety, to develop, to monitor and continue its effectiveness,
• Contribiuting the country’s economy by continuously developing and achieving our goals by determining the views of our employees and ensuring that we will spend our future together with assurance of independence.
We adopt and undertake the principle of risk-based evaluation and continuous improvement.

Süleyman ÖZGÜN

Ömerli Mevkii Adnan Kahveci Cad. KOS-KOOP. San. Sit. No:1-3 34555 Hadımköy / Arnavutköy